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The history of the state municipal government enterprise “Almaty State Polytechnic College” of the Department of Education of the city of Almaty has been starting from 1940. For 78 years we have been striving to be leaders in education and create conditions for the training of highly qualified and competitive personnel in the labor market.

Since 2007, the college has been implementing the “Inclusive Education” program for persons with hearing impairments in the specialty 1304000 “Computer engineering and software” for the field of information technology and electronics. The college has graduated more than 200 specialists who continue to study in universities of our republic and abroad. The program was sent to receive specialized secondary education graduaters of special (correctional) schools in the city of Almaty and other regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan.Currently, 98 students are enrolled in the college under the state educational order in the specialty 1304000 “Computer engineering and software”.

In a message of President to the people of Kazakhstan, the head of state N.Nazarbayev instructed to the Government to develop and adopt a separate program “Digital Kazakhstan”, where the development of IT technologies is one of the main tasks. The programmatic article “Bolashak Bagdar: Rukhani Zhagyru” clearly has following: “The most fundamental success factor in the future is education”. Guided by this, the college team seeks to effectively implement specific projects for the implementation of the College’s Mission and raising its image at the international level to train highly qualified and competitive graduates.In May 2017, the Almaty State Polytechnic College was the first in the region, which passed through the International institutional and specialized accreditation and works in accordance with the requirements of the Management and Quality System.

The college is equipped with innovative technologies and advanced teaching methods, which enables students with limited hearing capabilities to receive the professions according to demands in the labor market. Students fully master computer technology programs, learn languages (Kazakh, Russian, English) and show good knowledge in all disciplines. The educational process is conducted by experienced teachers and interpreters of sign language. (

Intepreters of sign language are the main links in the conduct of general education and special subjects. The profession of the sign language interpreter (interpreter of sign language) is recognized by the scientific community as one of the most difficult professions, both psychologically and physically. The success of mastering the curriculum by deaf students directly depends on the professionalism of the sign language interpreter.

       Being a professional interpreter of sign language is difficult and requires skills, and this skills come to that person, who really loves his work, constantly improving and trying to be the best in it. (

Sign language for deaf students in the educational process is an invaluable tool in the transfer of thoughts, ideas, emotions. Sign language students have a higher level of development. At this level of education, there is no negative influence of interference (translation of gestural and verbal language systems on the quality of education and the performance of written work).

Great attention and support to deaf students is provided by the college management in the development of physical education, rehabilitation and social assistance. Hearing impaired students take an active part in all college events, participate in various competitions in all kinds of sports and win prizes. Unheard athletes participate in urban, Republican and international competitions, also participated in the Paralympic Games in Bulgaria (Sofia), where our graduate, Abakanov Rustem, made the world record in athletics. In these games, other athletes in Greco-Roman wrestling, football, and won prizes. Many students have standards of candidates for the master of sports and the master of sports in football, table tennis, chess and other sports.

Thanks to the leadership and pedagogical staff of the college, this category of citizens had the opportunity to receive quality education in technical specialties and continue their studies in higher educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan and Moscow. Our graduaters: Svetlana Ivkova, Nikolay Ilyin are currently studying at the Moscow State Technical University named after Bauman, Ekaterina Nigmatulina – at the Russian State Social University in Moscow. Graduaters continue their studies in higher education in the Republic of Kazakhstan:

Sign language interpreters completed advanced training courses in sign language at the Interregional Rehabilitation Center for Persons with Hearing Problems in St. Petersburg (Pavlosk).

Polytech is a college of responsible and professional people. So an important moment in 2018 was the victory of the leading teachers of special disciplines in groups of inclusive education at such important Republican contests as “The best teacher of 2018” A.A. Duysenbaeva. ( and “The best teacher of inclusive education” Koserova N.M. (

Akim of Almaty, Bauyrzhan Baybek, highlighted “In the modernization, the Head of State defines the sphere of education as one of the most important priorities and sets the task of “making education the centerpiece of the new model of economic growth ”and therefore the college seeks to be in the trend of new educational reforms and keep abreast by time.

Analysis of the work of the Polytechnic College of Almaty shows that a lot has been done, but there are new tasks ahead that the college’s motto is: Polytech is the best!!

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Уважаемые студенты колледжей Республики Казахстан 1,2,3 и 4 курса!

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