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Student Service Center (SSC) – Almaty  State Polytechnic College GMSE  was established in 2018. SSC advises students on educational, legal, financial issues throughout the school period on the principle of “one window” based on service standards.

SSC- is a place where each student receives answers to his questions, in addition to this, the registration and registration of orders on the movement of the contingent, deductions, recovery and transfer of students, the collection of statistical information in structural divisions, as well as the zone of free access to the Internet Free Wi- Fi for each student.

Principles of  activity of SSC: confidentiality of information received, cooperation based on trust, objectivity in resolving issues, providing reliable information.

SSC- is  construction of a dialogue between the college administration and its students in a new format.

Goals and objectives of the center:

* high-quality and fast student service

* improving the functioning of the educational process

* support for students in educational activities

* advise students in difficult situations and controversial issues during the learning process

* provide information support in building an educational trajectory

* inform students about innovations and changes in regulatory documents of the VET system

* providing full information on student’s request

* issuance of certificates at the place of demand and the requests of students

The opening of the Student Service Center is a significant event in the life of the college, everything in it is intended for the convenience and comfort of visitors. This is an analogue of PSC. It will be of great help to students, who at recess can come to the center and receive all the necessary documents and certificates. Its creation will contribute to improving the culture and quality of the services provided to students.

SSC will eliminate bureaucratic barriers and corruption risks in the college-student interaction system, duplicating actions in providing services, will significantly increase the efficiency and efficiency of solving student problems, raise the quality of services to a fundamentally new level, solve the problem of reducing time – significant services.

Students, welcome to SSC !!!


Tel: 8(727)3933952

Address: The main  academic building, 1st floor , entrance from the end of the building

E-mail address:


Сыдыкова Жадыра Тилековна
Координатор +7 (702) 922 13 34
Ташкеева Гулжан Ерлановна
Координатор +7 (707) 605 01 48
Тәжібекқызы Гүлбақыт
Координатор  +7 (747) 398 09 41

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Уважаемые студенты колледжей Республики Казахстан 1,2,3 и 4 курса!

Алматинский государственный политехнический колледж объявляет о приеме переводом с других колледжей на вакантные места государственного образовательного заказа (Грант) по самым востребованным специальностям 21 века.

Основные наши преимущества:

  • бесплатное обучение
  • государственная стипендия
  • трудоустройство по окончании
  • высококвалифицированный состав преподавателей
  • практика в лучших компаниях и организациях города Алматы и за ее пределами
  • яркая студенческая жизнь и комфортные условия для получения знаний

И многое другое ждет Вас в нашем Политехе!!!

По всем вопросам обращаться

Пресс-служба (WhatsApp):  8 775 705 45 25
Канцелярия:  8 727 393 39 52