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“State symbols are one of the unshakable foundations of our state, our sovereignty. They express the sacred unifying image of Independence “Nursultan Nazarbaev


The Constitutional Law “On State Symbols of the Republic of Kazakhstan” was adopted on June 4, 2007. In accordance with this Law, on June 4 is annually celebrated as the day of state symbols in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

State symbols are one of the inalienable attributes of any state, embodying its identity and sovereignty. In the Republic of Kazakhstan, state symbols are the State Flag, the National Emblem and the National Anthem.


National flag of the Republic of Kazakhstan

The national flag of the Republic of Kazakhstan is a rectangular blue cloth with an image in the center of the sun with rays, under which is a soaring eagle. At the shaft there is a vertical strip with a national ornament. The image of the sun, its rays, the eagle and the national ornament is the color of gold.

The author of the State Flag of the Republic of Kazakhstan is the Honored Artist of Kazakhstan Shaken Niyazbekov.



State Emblem of the Republic of Kazakhstan

The state emblem of the Republic of Kazakhstan has the shape of a circle and is an image of a shanyrak on a blue background, from which uyks diverge in all directions in the form of sun rays. To the right and left of the shanyrak are images of mythical winged horses. In the upper part there is a voluminous five-pointed star, and in the lower part there is the inscription “Kazakhstan”. The image of the star, shanyrak, uykov, mythical horses, as well as the inscription “Kazakhstan” – the color of gold.

The authors of the State Emblem of the Republic of Kazakhstan are well-known architects Zhandarbek Malibekov and Shot-Aman Valikhanov.


National Anthem of the Republic of Kazakhstan

The national anthem of Kazakhstan, previously known as the song “Menin Kazakhstan”, was approved by the country’s parliament on January 6, 2006, at the initiative of President Nursultan Nazarbayev. It was first heard on January 11, 2006, during the solemn inauguration of the Head of State.

The music is by composer Shamshi Kaldayakov, the words are Zhumeken Najmedenov and Nursultan Nazarbayev.

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