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    Профессии будущего

    Our path is for competent specialists. Education at the Polytechnic University is a guarantee of promising opportunities!


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    The current pace of development of Kazakhstan places high demands on the information strategy of the education system. Today, the Internet as a means of communication plays an important role in the formation of civil society, is an indicator of the openness of the activities of an educational institution. The official website of the Almaty State Polytechnic College is a source of reliable information about the activities of the college. The section "Director's blog" provides a real opportunity to directly address questions, suggestions and suggestions to the college management. We hope that this website will be useful for you in solving a variety of problems, both personal and related to the activities of our college..

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    International certificates

    Get Microsoft, Adobe,Autodesk, Apple and other certificates in addition to the state diploma.

    Practical teachers

    Thanks to mentors, students are always aware of how everything happens not in textbooks, but in life.

    Bright student life

    We have time to study and relax: we go to hackathons and conferences, organize parties and hold game tournaments.

    Project training

    At the end of the semester, you will be asked not for an abstract, but for a ready-made project-a website, a business plan, an advertising campaign.Practice is a means of improving professional competence.

    Internships in IT companies

    From the 2nd year — mandatory practice. With Kypca 3, many students are already working or interning in IT companies.

    Become a Polytechnic